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Spirolab UK Spirometer with Software

Spirolab UK Spirometer with Software

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Designed by UK professionals, for UK professionals.

The UK Spirolab has been specifically designed and developed for respiratory healthcare professionals in the UK.

• It has a simple, easy to use interface. Large, UK-friendly, labelled icons.
• It has an uncomplicated workflow. Even for the most basic user; the entire process from entering patient data, performing a test, through to obtaining results is seamless with large on-screen icons and easy to follow workflow.
• Each individual screen is self-explanatory.
• Option to perform expiratory only spirometry which is mainly performed in primary care rather than having to doing inspiratory testing too.
• Printout designed for UK users with indices set out in a logical order.
• Large, high-resolution screen.
• High speed printer.
• Fast, reactive touch screen. Fast refresh rate. ‘ipad’ feel to the touch screen.
• It is unique in that it can use reusable or pre-calibrated disposable turbines.
• Includes x1 free of charge reusable turbine

An easy to follow workflow that makes conducting Spirometry simple.

1. Home screen
Select a patient, perform a test or view results direct from the home screen.

2.Select a patient
Create a new patient record or select a patient from the database.

3.Select a test
Select between a relaxed VC, forced VC or a post test.

4.Performing a test with on-screen incentives
Target markers are placed along both axis of a graph when a patient performs a test. These are visual indicators to show the current best blow during a test allowing the user to motivate the patient further in giving their best respiratory effort.

The child incentive can also be easily switched on or off during a live test.

5.Achieve optimum spirometry with quality warnings
Fully compliant to latest ATS/ERS standards, the Spirolab can cleverly display advisory messages. When tests do not meet the criteria set out in the guidelines, the Spirolab prompts the user as to what is required in order to achieve optimum spirometry.

6.Results with interpretation
View both flow/volume and volume/time curves as well as configurable results, including LLN and z-score. Flow volume and volume time graphs (FVC mode) can be viewed side by side during a live test.

The Spirolab comes with a re-usable turbine for use with standard adult one-way valve mouthpieces. The turbine is also available as a single use disposable that has been individually factory calibrated with mouthpiece pre-connected and individually packaged.


• 7" Touchscreen colour display
• Turbine Sensor Technology
• Fast high resolution built-in printer
• Large memory storage
• Fully compliant with ATS/ERS guidelines
• 50+ parameters with LLN & Z-score
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