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Seca 876 Class (III) Digital Floor Scale

Seca 876 Class (III) Digital Floor Scale

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Product Properties
  • Mother+child function to weigh toddlers while cradled on the mother's or father's arm
  • Precise weighing technology for medical use
  • May be switched on while standing up thanks to the tap-on function
  • Leveling feet for strong stability
  • Can weigh 10,000 times with a single set of batteries

The classic flat scale for medical use.

The steel frame and the high-quality construction with ribbed plastic components give the scale a high level of stability and a long service life. The tare weight of the seca 876 is just right for delivering precise results and being suitable for mobile use at the same time. The knotted rubber surface makes the scale slip-proof and particularly safe.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 250 kg
  • Graduation: 100 g < 150 kg > 200 g
  • Power supply: Batteries
  • Batteries, quantity and type: 6 X AA
  • Net weight: 0.6 sts
                        3.9 kg
  • Product width: 321 mm
  • Product height: 60 mm
  • Product depth: 356 mm
  • Platform width: 288 mm
  • Platform height: 60 mm
  • Platform depth: 278 mm

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