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Schiller FRED Easyport Defibrillator Battery

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Product Properties

This disposable, non-rechargeable lithium battery is designed to provide power to the Schiller FRED Easyport pocket size defibrillator unit. The battery achieves a 5 year stand-by life when the defibrillator is not used, or provides up to 45 shocks at maximum energy. When the battery runs low, the Schiller FRED Easyport provides a visual warning, prompting the user to obtain a replacement battery.

  • For use with the Schiller FRED Easyport defibrillator unit
  • Provides a 5 year stand-by life
  • Disposable and non-rechargeable
  • Capacity: up to 45 shocks at maximum energy
  • Ideal for keeping as a spare