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Opticlar - AL68 Opthalmoscope Head with auto-lock adaptor

Opticlar - AL68 Opthalmoscope Head with auto-lock adaptor

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Product Properties

  • Supplied with Auto-lock adaptor to fit German brand handles
  • Fully featured ophthalmoscope for specialist use
  • True-Tone™ LED illumination
  • Superior miniaturised optics facilitates entry into even very small diameter pupils
  • Polarising filter practically eliminates corneal reflex and can be used on all apertures
  • Sealed optics for long life and reduced running costs
  • 68 lenses from -30 to +38 in single steps
  • Independently selectable red free filter for use on all apertures provides increased contrast
  • 18 filter/aperture combinations for increased diagnostic capabilities
  • Cobalt blue filter to help detect corneal abrasions
  • Selectable apertures – Micro Spot, small spot, large spot, fixation star, slit, cobalt blue, red free on all apertures
  • Polarising on all above except for red free and cobalt blue
  • Battery life: C cell – 125 hours continuous use, rechargeable Lithium Ion – 2 hours continuous use from full charge
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