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Zoll AED Plus Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

Zoll AED Plus Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

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• CPR feedback to guide the rescuer through the correct CPR process
• High IP55 resistance against dust and water contamination
• 5+2 year manufacturer warranty
• Long 5 year lifespan for both the electrodes and battery
• Built-in metronome guidance for the correct speed of chest compression's
• Self-Test function ensures the defibrillator is always rescue ready
• LCD screen also displays information
• Also available as a fully automatic AED

The Zoll AED Plus is a semi-automatic defibrillator that not only administers a shock when needed, but also guides you step-by-step through the CPR process. The electrodes have the added benefit of a built in sensor that will monitor your CPR technique and verbally guide you through the whole process; a metronome will enable you to administer chest compression's at the correct speed and clear voice prompts will alert you if your compression's are not deep enough, but also provide positive feedback when you are administering the correct CPR technique - much needed during what is often a stressful event.

As well as voice prompts the Zoll Plus AED has clear visual pictographs on its inner casing, with LED lights that will guide you through each stage of the resuscitation process and if that isn't enough, there is also a LCD screen, allowing you to also read the instructions. These features of the Zoll Plus AED make this an excellent choice for novice or non-professional users.

The excellent features of the Zoll AED Plus defibrillator don't stop there! As well as being housed in a strong and sturdy outer casing, this AED is also highly resistant against contamination from water and dirt. The electrodes and batteries both have a generous 5 year lifespan, meaning you only have to monitor one expiry date and with a 7 year manufacturers warranty (5 years automatically and an extra 2 if you register your AED with Zoll), you will only need to change the batteries and electrodes once in its lifetime if the AED has not been deployed, all of this makes the Zoll Plus AED a low-maintenance defibrillator.

Unlike the fully automatic model, the semi-automatic model has the addition of a shock button. The defibrillator will monitor the patients heart rhythm and prompt the user to press the shock button if it detects that a shock is necessary.

• Warranty: 7 Year
• Size: 13,3 x 24,1 x 29,2 (CM)
• Quality Assurance: CE, FDA
• Options: Child CPR, Delivery with carrier case, ECG Display, Trainer Available
• CPR Feedback: Audio (Standard), Metronome, Feedback, Text on a display
• Technical Specifications: Adapted child CPR protocol
• Weight: 3.1 (KG)
• Semi Automatic
• Case included: Yes
• Water & Dirt resistance: High
• IP Rate: IP55
• Battery Standby Life: 5 years
• Electrode Pad Life: 5 years
• Instruction Screen: Yes

5 + 2 Year Manufacturer warranty

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