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Windsor Blood Pressure Monitors

Windsor Blood Pressure Monitors

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Keeler Windsor Blood Pressure Monitors 

Incorporating Keeler's renowned quality, the Windsor BPM is the highest grade aneroid blood pressure monitor, with three well thought-out versions to suit any healthcare environment.

The Windsor is especially large and a sturdy device which will effortlessly master tough everyday situations in any practice or hospital.  Available in desk, wall and floor models, the attractive design and top-quality finish make the Windsor comfortable and easy to use in all surroundings.

Designed for durability, the Windsor scales feature a hardened copper-beryllium membrane which is resistant to ageing and can withstand pressures of up to maximum 600 mm Hg.  A micro-filter protects the release valve and measurement system, and the precision mechanism is mounted on a special support to ensure stability and maintain the zero-point.


  • Generously dimensioned, high-contrast scale 
  • Spacious basket on the reverse side for tubes and cuffs
  • Latex free bulb to inflate the cuff
  • Non-wearing air-release valve with fine adjustment
  • Micro-filter to protect the release valve and measurement system
  • Specially hardened copper-beryllium membrane
  • Precision mechanism mounted on a special support
  • Exact zero-positioning of the pointer in production


  • Measurement range: 0 to 300mmHg 
  • Measurement accuracy: ±3mmHg
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