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Reconditioned WelchAllyn CP200 12 Lead ECG Machine-

Reconditioned WelchAllyn CP200 12 Lead ECG Machine-

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• A 12-lead resting ECG that provides accurate measurements
• Enter or search for patient information quickly and easily
• Easily connect straight to Welch Allyn CardioPerfect Workstation Software
• Big color LCD display lets you review important data on the screen
• Set Hot Keys to let you do the more ordinary tasks without moving through menus
• Storage for up to 50 ECG and 50 spirometry records
• Reviews edit, print or save recent records
• Unlimited storage on removable media
• On battery power, you can print up to 100 ECGs continuously before needing to recharge

From obtaining such a large amount of refurbished medical equipment we know quality when we see it. Take this WelchAllyn CP200 ECG machine for example, It is in great cosmetic shape and has been thoroughly tested in perfect working order.

The Welch Allyn CP200 Electrocardiograph is one of the tools that clinicians use to evaluate, diagnose, and monitor patient cardiac function. The 12-lead ECG interpretive algorithm provides a computer -generated analysis of potential patient cardiac abnormalities which must be confirmed by a physician with other relevant clinical information. The optional spirometry module is indicated for use in clinical situations to assess a patient's pulmonary health status and evaluate symptoms, signs or abnormal laboratory test results.

The Welch Allyn CP 200 electrocardiograph can display, print, save, and send ECGs electronically. It features a full alphanumeric keyboard, a colour display to preview ECGs and edit settings, storage for up to 50 ECG and 50 Spirometry settings, full size user programmable reports, and the ability to operate on either battery or AC.

• Dimensions: 16.2"W x 15.6"D x 6.2"H
• Weight: 11.6 lb / 5.3 KG including battery
• Storage: Up to 50 tests
• Frequency Response: 0.3 to 150 HZ
• Digital Sampling Rate: >1,000 s/sec/channel
• Battery: Rechargeable lead acid gel battery - prints up to 100 continuous ECG per charge
• Filters: High Performance Baseline Filter, 35Hz Muscle Tremor Filter, AC Interference Filter 50/60 Hz
• Paper type: 8.25" x 11" (210 mm x 280mm), Z-fold thermal 200 sheets per pack

All of our refurbished equipment come with a 1 Year Warranty

• x1 packet of ECG paper
• x1 ECG patient leads
• x1 set of patient clips
• x1 Power cable
• x1 Pack of Electrodes


 IN STOCK 01.08.22

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