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Nomad VPU586

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Temperature range :2-8℃ ,15-25℃ , -15~25℃ for 72~96 hours.
More Information: Weight (Kg)28 Height (External)523 mm Width (External)523 mm Length (External)523 mm Height (Internal)388 mm Width (Internal)388 mm Length (Internal)388 mm The advantage of temperature controlled packaging solutions 1) Our controllable temperature range:2-8℃ ,15-25℃ , -15~25℃ for 72~96 hours. 2) Replaceable ice box, adapted to different temperature shipping requirements. 3) Suitable for transporting high-end, high-value biomedical products. 4) The temperature control is stable , the entire process is traceable. Protect your high-value medical payloads across the globe with the most trusted temperature controlled packaging technologies available. Our cold chain expertise is unmatched and used in the medical industry, transportation of organs, blood, vaccines and other drugs, service centers and corporate offices located worldwide. Our experts offer specialized design, engineering and lab testing capabilities that help us identify best performance “fit for purpose” solutions for each client. We provides superior passive single use and reusable thermal shipper protection for valuable temperature-sensitive payloads — up to 72~96 hours.