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MIR - BVF elliptical 30mm OD MIR/Micromedical/Vitalograph - Box of 100

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Bacterial/Viral Spirometry Filters for MIR/ Micromedical/Vitalograph

The NeumoFilt Ergo Filter has been designed to allow the patient’s teeth and lips to adapt comfortably to the mouthpiece to prevent air leakage. The Filtration media has proved a filtration efficiency level without precedents with a low resistance to air flow.

The Filter fits directly onto Vitalograph, MIR, Micro Medical and CareFusion Spirometers with an elliptical mouthpiece for the patient.

Using a filter on a spirometer will protect the patient, the equipment and the clinical staff in the room.

NeumoFilt viral/bacterial filter will provide the same protection against 2019-nCov than with other viruses as stated in the independent laboratory test reports performed with the NeumoFilt at 30-55 and 750 l/min. (12.5 l/sec.)