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VaccinePorter® 6 Cool packs not included - order 6 pcs Medicool® 28

VaccinePorter® 6 Cool packs not included - order 6 pcs Medicool® 28

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SIZE:  328 x 328 x 334mm (Small)

Sterility: non-sterile

Helapet offer a comprehensive range of fully validated VaccinePorter® Carrier Systems, ideal for the controlled transit of vaccines and temperature sensitive products that require storage between +2°C and +8°C.

Helapet VaccinePorter® Carriers comprise of a robust carrying bag with a fully replaceable polystyrene inner chamber and cool packs for maintaining thermal performance. Easy-to-use and cost effective to maintain, the Helapet VaccinePorter® is the bag of choice from transporting small samples to supporting vaccination and immunisation programmes.

Using Medicool® cool pack technology improves storage capacity for the user and negates the use of ice. The outer bags contain a clear document holder allowing insertion of instructions and documentation. A tamper evident facility also provides additional security. Available with a choice of carrier sizes, the Helapet VaccinePorter® is versatile enough for use in a variety of medical, pharmaceutical and community healthcare applications.

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