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Thermo Scientific™ MSC-Advantage™ Class II Biological Safety Cabinets

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Product Properties
Conserve energy with Thermo Scientific™ MSC-Advantage™ Class II Biological Safety Cabinets, which combine smart design and extraordinary value with best-in-class energy efficiency, reliability and usability resulting in an overall improvement to operation and maintenance. Units feature 60% less energy consumption and heat output. Cabinets are certified to EN 12469 safety standard.



  • Available in 90cm, 120cm, 150cm and 180cm
  • With microprocessor control
  • Large front-panel display (easily visible from seated position) provides constant readout of downflow and inflow velocities and filter usage status
  • Exclusive Performance Factor monitoring system advises when cabinet service is needed
  • Proprietary window opens to 20cm working height, 53.5cm maximum height, easily lowers for interior cleaning
  • Ergonomically angled window is sloped at 10° for better comfort and reduced operator fatigue
  • Unique airflow technology and intelligent motor design dramatically improve energy efficiency, operation and serviceability; provide excellent sample protection
  • SmartPort: T¨UV-approved, safe, clean method for vacuum tubing and cables routing method through the side wall of the biological safety cabinet
  • Supply/exhaust air filter: HEPA H 14 EN 1822, 99.995% at 0.3μm particle size


  • Front-accessible components allow for quick change-outs of HEPA filters and other components Quiet operation at <55dBA enables a comfortable working environment
  • Divided stainless-steel work tray removes easily for cleaning or autoclaving
  • Standard armrests designed to prevent accidental blocking with coat sleeves
  • Very large work surface (0.56m2 or 0.84m2) improves productivity
  • Smooth components throughout the cabinet virtually eliminate risk of injury during routine cleaning, servicing or maintenance


  • Fully compliant with the EN 12469 safety standard as independently tested and certified by TUV Nord

Ordering Information:

Accessories include programmable UV light, one-piece work tray, stand options, Ergolign saddle stool, free-standing floor shelf. Not available for sale in North America.

Greener Choice Claims
  • Environmental benefits include:
    • Source Reduction


Please note siting charge may apply and this unit is subject to additional cost subject to user specification. Additional accessories available. Please call 01159063000 for more information.