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SureTemp Plus 692 Electronic Thermometer, Mount, Alarm 4 Foot

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Combines the speed of ear thermometry with the accuracy and reliability of traditional oral thermometry. Takes approximately 4- to 6-second oral, 10-second pediatric axillary, 15-second adult axillary and 10-second rectal temperatures.

  • Ergonomic design, comfortable to hold, easy to use, and very durable
  • Interchangeable, removable probe wells reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Large backlit LCD display with location identifi cation capability
  • Includes a 60-second pulse timer for counting pulses and respirations
  • Your choice of security alarm systems to help prevent theft
  • Takes approximately 5,000 readings on 3 AA batteries
  • Includes wall mount, alarm and 4 foot oral probe.