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Sterile Sharpie Marker Pens triple-bagged

Sterile Sharpie Marker Pens triple-bagged

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Quality - 5 x 10 packs

Our Sterile Sharpie Marker Pens are cleanroom packaged and terminally gamma sterilised for use in cleanroom, isolators and aseptic environments. Triple-bagged polypackaging supports safe and swift aseptic transfer of our pens, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and reducing processing time. Our fine-tip black markers are ideal for the precise labelling of polybags, vials, syringes and labels.

  • Permanent writing on most types of surfaces
  • Quick drying, non-toxic black ink
  • Fine tip for precise writing
  • Low-linting, triple-bagged polypackaging supporting aseptic transfer procedures
  • Terminally sterilised for assured use in aseptic environments
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