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Small Refrigerator/ Cooling Case

Small Refrigerator/ Cooling Case

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  • 1. Medication and Insulin Refrigerator is designed to provide a convenient and affordable way to keep medicines (such as insulin or other injectable and liquid medications) at a safe temperature
  • 2. Travel often exposes medicines to extreme temperatures. When keeping your medication in Luggage, Trains, Airplanes, Hotel Rooms (when guests are out of the rooms, electricity is often turned off), Bag or Backpack, you need a reliable way to keep the correct temperature. This medicine fridge is the solution.
  • 3. In addition to travel, you can use it at work and home: Many work environments reach extreme temperatures; even climate controlled areas can be shut off at the end of the business day. Most people prefer privacy for their insulin storage, rather than placing it in a shared refrigerator.


This refrigeration case uses the latest semiconductor technology to keep your medications cool.

Power Supply: Three options - Power adapter, 5v battery charger, internal rechargeable battery

Power Adapter Input/Output Voltage : AC100V-240V/DC 5V

Battery Information: 10200 mAh li-ion

Battery Life: 6-8 hours

Refrigeration Inner Dimension: 175 * 59 * 30mm (6.9*2.3*1.2 inches)

Refrigeration Outer Dimension: 210 * 106 * 95mm (8.3*4.2*3.7 inches)

Inside Temperature: 2-8 degrees C (35.6-46.4 degrees F)

Charging Time: 3-5 hours when Insulin Cooler Box is powered on, 1-2 hours when Insulin Cooler Box is powered off

Noisy: Less than 30DB

Certification: RoHS, ISO9001

Notice: The airway in the bottom and both side should be kept ventilation, make the airway towards the gridding cloth.

Package Contents

1 * Medicine Refrigerator and Insulin Cooler for Car, Travel, Home

1 * Power Adapter

1 * Car Power Adapter

1 * Carrying Case

1 * User Manual

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