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SKINTACT Adult Defibrillator Pads Electrodes for Zoll E Series,R, M, PD and X Series – DF28NC

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SKINTACT Adult Defib Pads Electrodes for Zoll E Series, R, M, PD & X series DF28NC     Skintact Zoll DF28NC defibrillation pads (pre-connect) feature Aqua-Tac solid gel adhesive for superior adhesion in all situations with an overlapping gel layer to eliminate edge exposure (flashover) and better current distribution.  Pre-Conn ect Diaphoretic   Overlapping Gel   Excellent Skin Coupling   Duplex Labels per Package   Foam, Zoll Plug, Solid Gel   External Defibrillation, Non-Invasive Pacing, Synchronized Cardioversion, Monitoring   Adult (55+lbs)   One of the longest leadwires on the market!