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Single Use NF Approved French 0.05% Breathalyzer Kit

Single Use NF Approved French 0.05% Breathalyzer Kit

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The easiest solution to ensure you comply with the French breathalyser law is to carry an NF Approved single use breathalyser. With the drink drive limit in France being close to that in England and Wales, these are also the perfect solution for those that need a cheap breathalyser to check themselves the ‘morning after’.

Single Use NF Approved French 0.05% Breathalyzer Kits

The cheapest solution to ensure you comply with the French breathalyser law is to carry an NF Approved single use breathalyzer kit.

Don’t be fooled by fakes

Any device that is NF Approved will have the NF logo on the packaging and the supplier will be able to provide you with an NF Certificate – ours can be seen here.

‘Tested to NF Standards’ and ‘Approved for use in France’ is like saying your car was ‘tested’ for an MOT; it doesn’t mean it passed! If someone is selling you an NF-Approved breathalyser kit, ask to see their certificate. If they can’t produce one, don’t buy it!

Directions for use

Blow into the bag with a full breath. Squeeze the bag through the crystals. If the crystals change colour, you know you have alcohol left in your system. There is a line to act as an indication of what the legal limit in France is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the French police test me with my kit?
The Gendarme will not ask you to do a breath test for them using your own kit – they will use their own professional digital breathalyser if they suspect that you’ve been drinking.

How many breathalysers do I need to keep?
You only need to carry one – however if you decide to use it, you will need another unused kit to show a Gendarme if you’re stopped, which is why most recommend a minimum of two. But if you DO test yourself and find you’re over the limit, you’ll need a second to check you are to drive again – and a third to show the Gendarme.

How do the single use breathalysers work?
Unlike other kits where the user has to blow through the tube (which can be difficult for some users, especially the elderly) with our French NF-Approved breathalyser kit, the user blows into the bag without the tube first; the ends of the tube are then squeezed together (nothing to break off, throw away etc) and the air is then squeezed by hand back through the tube.

How do I read the result of the breathalyser test?

The results are easy to read; the crystals in the tube are white and turn red when alcohol is present. They comply with REACH legislation, ensuring that they are Chromium free.

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