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Seca S50 (Stethoscope with a dual membrane side and a bell side).

Seca S50 (Stethoscope with a dual membrane side and a bell side).

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Product Properties

• Double-sided chest piece : Reversible with a dual membrane side and a bell side. Ideal for pneumology and cardiology.
• Acoustics: The side of the chest piece that is not required can be switched off to minimise background noise.
• Double-tube system: Delivers a sound pattern that transmits even the subtlest sounds without loss.

An impressive sound pattern can only be achieved through intelligent deliberations. With its double-sided construction, each side of the chest piece reproduces a defined frequency spectrum for an optimal listening experience. The bell side is optimal for pneumology because it primarily picks up sounds in low frequencies. A membrane side was developed for cardiology that reproduces an entire frequency range including higher frequencies through its technically demanding dual membrane. The sound is transmitted in the two inner channels of the tube and together with the integrated yoke spring in the tube it guarantees lossless sound transmission. The finish is immaculate because the entire workpiece is highly polished and ensures immaculate surface hygiene through its non-porous chrome plating.

• Chest piece height: 27 mm
• Chest piece type: Double-sided chest piece
• Net weight: 0.03 sts / 0.22 kg
• Total length: 715 mm
• Membrane diameter: 44 mm
• Membrane material: BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) & CuBE (Copper beryllium)
• Membrane type: Dual-membrane
• Tube type: Two-channel tube
• Bell diameter: 30 mm

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