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Seca S10 (Stethoscope with a standard membrane side and a bell side as well as a single-channel tube).

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Product Properties

  • Ear clips: Custom adaptation through integrated yoke spring
  • Acoustics: The convex prestressed membrane enables optimal sound transmission
  • Handling: Especially lightweight model
  • Economical: Optimal price-performance ratio

With its low weight, the seca s 10 is the ideal partner for use in a wide range of applications. But no compromises were made for a balanced acoustic image with this lightweight and inexpensive model with a thinner tube and smaller chest piece. The reversible double-sided chest piece with membrane side and bell side enables the nuanced auscultation of high-frequency as well as low-frequency sounds. This is aided by the convex prestressed membrane that lies perfectly on the skin and enables optimal sound transmission. No compromises have to be made in the area of individualization either because the optimal reproduction adapts to each individual through its integrated yoke spring.

Key Features

  • Net weigh: t0.03 sts/0.17 kg
  • Total length: 716 mm
  • Membrane diameter: 44 mm
  • Bell diameter: 35 mm
  • Chest piece height: 21 mm
  • Membrane material: BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate)
  • Chest piece type: Double-sided chest piece
  • Membrane type: Standard membrane
  • Tube type: Single-channel tube