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seca mBCA 525 - Portable Medical Body Composition Analyser, gold standard clinical validation & seca 115 license

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Product Properties

  • Specially designed and validated for mobile medical use
  • Unique accuracy through whole body MRI validation (skeletal muscle mass) and 4C model (fat mass)
  • Patented measuring mat: BIA in supine position is finally comfortable, precise and easy
  • Lightweight and robust touchscreen monitor allows for direct evaluation
  • Validation studies are bundled and published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2013/2017, among others
  • Comprehensive, personalized normal ranges based on over 3,000 multi-ethnic subjects
  • Possible to evaluate the measurement directly on the monitor
  • EMR-validated: transmit measured data directly to any electronic medical record system or printer

Body composition analysis for medical use

With the patented measuring mat, the mobile seca mBCA 525 enables quick and comfortable body composition analysis wherever you meet your patients or customers. The measurement results can be viewed directly on the monitor, stored or sent via Wi-Fi to a PC or to an EMR system. The unique validation of the seca mBCA 525 against whole-body MRI (skeletal muscle mass) and 4C model (fat mass) proves that the results can be relied on.

Key Technical Data

BIA measuring method: 8-point Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis BIA measuring frequency: 1; 2; 5; 10; 20; 50; 100; 200; 500 kHz BIA measurement segments: Right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, right half of body, left half of body, torso BIA measuring period: 30 seconds
Scope of Delivery
  • 60 adhesive electrode (PVC free)
  • One licence of seca analytics 115
  • Power adapter
  • seca 525