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seca CT-E651 - Wireless Printer (white), compatible with seca Scale-up line and seca wireless range (seca 452 module required, except with Scale-up)

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Product Properties

These wireless printers do more than print – they also assist in making a diagnosis.

The measurements made by seca 360° wireless scales and height measuring rods are transmitted directly to the seca 360° wireless printers for immediate printing. The technology saves time and presents options for further analysis. For example, the printers simultaneously calculate values such as total energy consumption and compare them to reference data to see whether the result falls within the normal range. You can print out the answer in black and white. Upon request, you can add the logo used by the hospital or doctor’s practice to the print-out.

System compatible with all scales and measuring instruments in the seca 360° wireless system.

Key Technical Data

Scope of delivery: SD smart card / mains adapter / SD card reader / 1 roll of thermal paper / 1 roll of labels (seca 466)
Functions: Print-out of height, weight, BMI, BFR, resting metabolic rate or total energy consumption, percentiles for children, integrated automatic cutter (seca 466)
Power supply: network device
Data transmission: seca 360° wireless technology
Print speed: 80 mm/sec
Print width: 48 mm