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Seca C10 (Single-tube velcro cuff for the seca b11)

Seca C10 (Single-tube velcro cuff for the seca b11)

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Product Properties

  • Antiallergenic: Free of PVC, DEHP and latex.
  • Large selection of cuff sizes from infant to adult.
  • Comfortable: Cotton coating makes the cuff very comfortable to wear.

A cuff is the sensor for perfect measurement results. An optimal fit is decisive for this, which is why the seca cuffs are sewn together and thereby fit better on the arm than conventionally bonded ones. The covering is made of a coated cotton blend to make it soft and comfortable to wear. Hygiene is an important issue and was taken into consideration by seca, which is why the watertight fabric is easy to disinfect and clean. Naturally all of the cuffs are antiallergenic and free of PVC, DEHP, and latex. The product range includes single-tube, two-tube, and double-tube models in 6 different sizes from infant to adult.

Key Features

• Cuff sizes available:
 - Size 1: (infant) = 10 - 15 cm
 - Size 2: (toddler) = 14 - 21.5cm
 - Size 3: (adult/small) = 20.5 - 28cm
 - Size 4: (adult) = 27 - 35cm
 - Size 5: (adult/large) = 34-43cm
 - Size 6: (thigh) = 42 - 54cm

  • Material characteristics: DEHP (Phthalate) free, Latex free, PVC (Polyvinylchloride) free
  • Cuff material: Cotton mix, Polyurethane
  • Cuff: Single-tube
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