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Seca 745 - Class III mechanical sliding beam baby scale

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Product Properties

  • Classic construction with high-quality precision mechanics
  • Same level of accuracy as a digital baby scale
  • Corrosion resistant inside and outside: Moisture is not a problem
  • Removable weighing tray is easy to clean and perfect for mobile use
  • Additional sliding weight for the deduction of the tare weight of cloths, etc.
  • Depending on the model, with level and levelling feet

High-quality and extremely precise mechanical baby scales

The seca 745 is a high-quality mechanical baby scale and thus a specialist for difficult places of use with unfavorable climatic conditions or unsafe care conditions. Independent of batteries or power supply, the seca 745 delivers exactly as precise results as a digital baby scale, and with its tare weight function, it even offers the option of deducting the tare weight of a towel. This makes weighing more pleasant for the baby and keeps the results precise.

Key Technical Data

Capacity: 16 kg Graduation: 10 g Net weight: 1.0 sts / 6.4 kg Product width: 550 mm Product height: 180 mm Product depth: 290 mm Tray width: 550 mm Tray height: 110 mm Tray depth: 270 mm
Functions and Properties
  • Reset-to-zero function
  • User-defined zero setting