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Seca 700.8000i-2 - NEW Carry Case for CT8000i-2 ECG Machine

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Product Properties

  • Suitable for seca CT8000i-2
  • Compact and light-weight
  • Excellent for safe transport

The right protection for your ECG

Quality products need to be protected from impacts or rain. That is exactly what the seca Carry case is designed for. Lined with foam pads it is able to protect your ECG during mobile use. The robust and resistant seca Carry case serves as a reliable companion and enables the seca CT8000i-2 to used as long as possible, ensuring that your ECG remains a precise quality product.

Key Technical Data

Net weight: 0.08 sts / 0.50 kg Product width: 360 mm Product height: 160 mm Product depth: 300 mm