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seca 475 - Rolling stand for the mobile use of the seca mVSA vital signs monitor 535

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Product Properties

  • Mobile, practical, adjustable height
  • Quick assembly
  • Safe rolling function
  • Extra holder for Smart Bucket

Mobile work has never been easier

Mobile. Practical. Adjustable height. The rolling stand is perfectly coordinated to the seca mVSA. The seca mVSA can be mounted on the high-quality rolling stand with just two screws in just a few seconds. The five rollers move in all directions so the stand can be steered easily and safely. The stand also contains a holder for the Smart Bucket in which sphygmomanometer cuffs and probe covers can be stored and which has a holder for the thermometer and SpO₂ sensors.

Key Technical Data

Net weight: 2.1 sts / 13.2 kg Product width: 600 mm Product depth: 600 mm Product height from – to: 695 - 1,185 mm