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seca 416 - Robust, extra large infantometer for precise measuring of babies & toddlers

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Product Properties

  • Robust, extra large construction for precise measuring
  • Ensures correct lying position due to trough-shaped measuring surface
  • Measurement scale printed along top side for easy reading
  • Foot positioner cannot be moved by the infant thanks to the locking button

Results with millimeter precision thanks to tray-shaped lying surface

The seca 416 enables the perfect length measurement of babies and toddlers. Thanks to the V-shape and the head positioner, the infant is automatically in the correct measuring position. The foot positioner runs on two side rails and cannot be moved by the baby thanks to the brake button. Thus, after the measurement, the baby can first be cared for and then the measurement result can be read with millimetre precision.

Key Technical Data

Net weight: 0.6 sts / 3.8 kg Unit: cm / inch Product width: 1,103 mm Product height: 169 mm Product depth: 402 mm Measuring range: 33 - 100 cm Graduation measuring range: 1 mm