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seca 403 - Mobile cart with drawer for seca baby scales with indentations in the surface to secure seca baby scales firmly in place

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Product Properties

  • Custom-made indentations in the surface hold seca baby scales firmly in place.
  • Ideal working height of 80 cm / 31.5 inches.
  • Optionally available paper roll holder helps you keep the work area clean.

The perfect supplement to seca baby scales.

The seca 402 cart is the ideal addition to seca baby scales. It was specially developed for safe and hygienic routine use in hospitals and medical practices. Customised indentations on the surface accommodates the scale’s base and ensures the scale does not slip out of place. Two practical brakes keep the cart securely locked in place so babies can be weighed safely. Also, you can quickly move the baby scale to it’s required location by pushing or pulling the cart by its handle. Compatible with seca baby scales (seca 757, seca 376, 336/336i, 385, 384 and 336i).

Technical Data

Net weight: 1.8 sts / 11.5 kg Product width: 715 mm Product height: 800 mm Product depth: 435 mm Maximum load: 45 kg