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seca 376 - Digital class III baby scale with extra large weighing tray & high sides for increased safety

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Product Properties

  • Weighing tray with high side walls for increased safety
  • Weighing and measuring in one step thanks to optional length measuring rod
  • Three-step damping for fast weighing
  • Large tray is suitable for weighing toddlers while sitting
  • Medical-grade seca scale technology with precise graduation

Professional scale for users, feel-good scale for babies

A newborn finds protection and security in the arms of the mother and father. The design of the seca 376 baby scale was based on this. The ergonomic weighing tray with extra-high side walls offers the baby a safe boundary, as if it were being held. Adjustable damping filters out the movements, the HOLD function holds the weight value as soon as it settles. This allows the baby to quickly leave the scale again.

Key Technical Data

Capacity: 20 kg Graduation: 5 g < 7.5 kg > 10 g Power supply: Batteries / Optional power adapter Batteries, quantity and type: 6 X AA Net weight: 0.6 sts / 3.7 kg Unit: kg Product width: 620 mm Product height: 190 mm Product depth: 358 mm Tray width: 615 mm Tray height: 130 mm Tray depth: 275 mm
Functions and Properties
  • TARE
  • HOLD
  • Auto-HOLD
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Automatic weighing range switch-over
  • Adjustable damping
  • BMIF
  • Acoustic signals can be activated