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seca 222 - Telescopic measuring rod for wall mounting (cm only)

seca 222 - Telescopic measuring rod for wall mounting (cm only)

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Product Properties

  • Designed specifically for wall mounting
  • With side print for greater ease of reading
  • Extra wide head gauge
  • Includes heel positioner for ideal three-point measurement
  • Durable aluminum measuring rod
  • Abrasion-resistant scale due to high-quality screen printing

An excellent measure

Thanks to the seca quality tested in continuous load tests, the seca 222 pull-out measuring rod will still deliver the most precise results even after years of daily use. The high-quality finish of the aluminium profile ensures that handling is particularly smooth. The printed scale is abrasion-resistant and the large head positioner is interchangeable and can be folded away when not in use.

Technical Data

Net weight: 0.2 sts / 1.1 kg
Unit: cm
Product width: 308 mm
Product height: 2,320 mm
Product depth: 286 mm
Folded width: 37 mm
Folded height: 1,325 mm
Folded depth: 308 mm
Measuring range: 6 - 230 cm
Graduation measuring range: 1 mm


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