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seca 218 - Disposable measuring tape, incl wall dispensor, 500 tapes

seca 218 - Disposable measuring tape, incl wall dispensor, 500 tapes

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Product Properties

  • Disposable measuring tape of high-quality paper can reduce potential transmission of germs.
  • Uncomplicated removal of measuring tape for immediate use.
  • At hand at all times from exclusive wall dispenser.
  • Extra space to write down name, height, weight and date.

Disposable measuring tape with practical wall dispenser.

Measuring is an important part of ensuring a healthy start to life. Exact measurements of infants' lengths and toddlers' heights are required for early diagnosis of growth disorders. After all, there are more than 450 known causes of dwarfism, which should be treated as early as possible. Measuring also provides important indications of a child's overall health and nutritional status. Our experts continuously strive to simplify your routine work. That's why seca offers this environmentally-friendly, high-quality disposable measuring tape with a practical wall dispenser for improved hygienic conditions. You'll always have the required measuring tape on hand when you need it. The space-saving wall dispenser is easy to install and refill. 

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