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seca 210 Portable measuring mat for babies and infants

seca 210 Portable measuring mat for babies and infants

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Product Properties

  • Light-weight and easy to clean with most commercially available disinfectants
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • Easy-care, washable material, compatible with all common disinfectants
  • Measuring mat rolls up for easy transport and space-saving storage
  • Fixed head piece and the sliding foot positioner make it simple to use
  • Scale with cm and inches

Mobile measuring mat for babies and toddlers

The seca 210 measuring mat is a simple, fast and convenient measuring solution for babies and toddlers. Thanks to the head positioner, the baby or toddler can easily be positioned and the height is measured in an instant by pushing against the foot positioner. The measuring mat is made of a particularly robust and durable and skin-friendly plastic.



Key Technical Data

Net weight: 0.09 sts / 0.58 kg
Product width: 1,250 mm
Product height: 140 mm
Product depth: 300 mm


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