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seca 201 - Retractable measuring tape for determining body circumferences

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Product Properties

  • Retractable measuring tape for precise body measurements
  • Printed scale on side makes results easy-to-read
  • Convenient one-handed operation fasten start of tape to retraction mechanism
  • Compact and easy to store

A high-quality medical device

The seca 201 circumferential measuring tape is always quick to hand and extremely practical to operate and store thanks to the roll-up mechanism. For the measurement, the end of the measuring tape is guided around the body and hooked onto the housing. This allows the measurement result to be read accurately and conveniently. The measuring tape is automatically rolled up at the touch of a button.

Key Technical Data

Net weight: 0.01 sts / 0.05 kg Unit: cm Product width: 70 mm Product height: 22 mm Product depth: 65 mm Measuring range: 0 - 205 cm Graduation measuring range: 1 mm