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Cryo Mini 350ml

Cryo Mini 350ml

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Cryo Maxi & Mini

The  Cryo Mini and Maxi series will demonstrate, during patient practice, its outstanding ease of handling and safe and reliable operational use. Effective, professional, high cure rates and low costing are the main keywords that relate to the  Cryo unit. ensures the Cryo Mini and Maxi units are fully compatible with other popular cryosurgical units and accessories, such as spray apertures and contact probes.

Cryo units are available in two optional sizes:

  • The Cryo Maxi with a 500ml capacity (20-24 hrs. static holding time)
  • The  Cryo Mini with offering a 350ml capacity (12-14 hrs. static holding time)

Each Cryo set comes with a selection of spray applicators, for most common lesions such as warts, small tumours. An optional extra with the Cryo set is the contact probes, which are available in a range of different sizes and variants. The probes are useful in the control of lateral spread, during the freeze process. The contact probes are selected in line with the lesion being treated; this is due to the different sizes and ranges of lesions. Cryo contact probes also offer a deeper freeze with less lateral spread around the patient's lesion area.

The Cryo Mini & Maxi units are covered by a 3-year warranty, against material and manufacturing defects.

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