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Schiller FRED Easy Defibrillator Battery

Schiller FRED Easy Defibrillator Battery

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Designed to provide power to the Schiller FRED Easy and Easy Life defibrillators, this non-rechargeable lithium battery achieves a 7 year stand-by operational lifespan, or powers up to 180 shocks at maximum energy. When inserted, the battery prompts the defibrillator to perform a self-test which ensures that the device and battery are operating correctly.

  • Designed for use in conjunction with the Schiller FRED Easy and Easy Life defibrillators
  • Non-rechargeable, disposable lithium battery
  • Provides 7 year stand-by life
  • Ideal for keeping as a spare or to replace a depleted unit
  • Capacity: up to 180 shocks at maximum capacity
  • Defibrillator performs a self-test when the battery is inserted
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