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Schiller FRED Easy Adult Defibrillator Pads

Schiller FRED Easy Adult Defibrillator Pads

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Supplied pre-gelled in a sealed pack, these replacement adult electrode pads are designed for use with the Schiller FRED easy and Easy Life defibrillators. When the Schiller pads are connected the defibrillator will activate, ready to administer a stock if required. A diagram for the correct positioning of the electrodes is shown on the pad set packaging.

  • Designed for use in conjunction with the Schiller FRED easy and Easy Life Defibrillators 
  • Can be used to treat adults and young patients over 8 years old
  • Supplied in a sealed pack and pre-gelled ready for use
  • 2 year Electrode PAD Lifespan
  • Suitable for replacing used pads or to keep as a spare set
  • Defibrillator recognises if the electrodes have not been properly applied to the patient 
  • A diagram on the packaging provides indication of where to position the pads
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