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Roche CoaguChek INRange - Portable INR Self-Testing Meter with Bluetooth

Roche CoaguChek INRange - Portable INR Self-Testing Meter with Bluetooth

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Easy to use, portable meter for you to monitor your INR levels, accurately at anytime, anywhere.

The Roche CoaguChek® INRange self-testing meter, your key to confident control of your VKA therapy. This easy-to-use and portable meter allows you to monitor your INR levels accurately at any time, anywhere.With the freedom of self-monitoring, you can now enjoy your leisure time and well-earned holidays away from home with more confidence, while potentially reducing the number of clinic visits you need to make. Plus, the built-in wireless Bluetooth® technology enables you to transmit your PT/INR results to your healthcare professional.The CoaguChek® INRange self-testing meter uses the same technology as clinic-based devices, allowing you to set your own therapeutic range. It is battery-operated for easy operation and portability, making it a convenient solution for your INR monitoring needs.


Roche Coaguchek INRange features:
• Easy-to-use, portable INR monitoring.
• Connected self-testing for confident VKA therapy control.
• Reduces clinic visits, ideal for holidays and leisure.
• Wireless Bluetooth® technology for PT/INR result transmission.
• Compatible with prescribed test strips (Order W07019).
• Uses clinic-based CoaguChek® technology; battery-operated.
• NHS regulator, NICE recommended for self-monitoring.
• Results trend reporting for understanding INR trends.
• Bluetooth and USB connectivity to mobile apps.
• Clear colour-coded display for easy result reading.
• Target range alerts for out-of-range results.
• Comment functionality for up to 6 comments per result.
• Set reminders for tests, medication, and doctor appointments.
• On-screen guidance throughout the testing procedure."
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