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Riester Shock-Proof Aneroid Sphyg - Adult Cuff (Black)24

Riester Shock-Proof Aneroid Sphyg - Adult Cuff (Black)24

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Product Properties

BHS ValidationThe Riester R1 Shock-Proof Aneroid Sphyg features patent-pending technology that means the Riester BPM is shock-proof against drops from a height of up to 120cm.

Key Features

  • Patent-pending metail air channel for stable needle deflection
  • Award-winning design
  • Fast and comfortable inflation
  • Precise, wear-free air release valve with fine adjustment
  • Screwed tube connection ensures unhindered BP measurement
  • Available in white or black with child, adult or obese velcro cuffs
  • Supplied in a vinyl zipper case
  • 5 year calibration warranty


  • Scale diameter: 52mm
  • Measurement accuracy: ±3mmHg
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