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Rensair Compact 460i - RENSAIR Hospital-Grade Portable Air Purifier

Rensair Compact 460i - RENSAIR Hospital-Grade Portable Air Purifier

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Versatile air purifier for every space

Patented technology: combines HEPA filtration with germicidal UVC light to trap and destroy pathogens

5 airflow speeds: quietly cleans up to 460m3 of air per hour

WiFi connectivity: allows remote operation and smart usage

Portable: net weight of just 10kg, easily carried by the handle

Independently certified: proven by the DTI to remove 99.99% of smoke particles in a 20m3 room within 30 minutes


Product specifications

Dimensions H: 65cm, Ø: 30cm
Box Dimensions H: 72.5cm x W: 37cm x D: 37cm
Net weight 9.5kg
Gross Weight Including box: 11.3kg
Colour White, Black, Metallic grey
HEPA filter EU13 (EN 1822 class H13)
UVC lamp 18W, 254nm light
Sensors PM2.5 sensor measuring µg/m3
Connectivity WiFi connectivity and controls via the “Tuya Smart” App
Power cord 3m
CE Certified (UK & EU) 220-240V,v ~50Hz, IEC C14 to C13 connector to allow for different power plugs



Rensair inactivates airborne viruses incl. the coronavirus family.

While the H13 HEPA filter captures airborne pathogens, the germicidal ozone-free UVC light inactivates viruses and bacteria trapped on the filter surface. Oslo University Hospital has clarified the effectiveness of this ability.

“Based on the tests performed by accredited laboratories and scientifically published literature, one can conclude that the Rensair air cleaner effectively reduces the level of microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, moulds and yeasts in the air.”
– Oslo University Hospital.


Rensair is a highly effective, hospital-grade, portable 360 degree air purification system that mitigates against the risk of airborne transmission of viruses (including COVID-19) in enclosed spaces, especially for low-ventilated areas.


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Key Features

  • Portable device with fitted castor wheels
  • 360 degree air intake and clean air output
  • Independently tested with 99.97% efficacy
  • Effective in removing COVID-19, Coronvirus family, pollen, allergens, dust, mould spores, yeast and odours
  • Internal UVC lamp that destroys pathogens on HEPA13 filter surface
  • Sustainable solution with continuous air cleansing
  • Low, medium and high settings cleaning up to 20,000 cubic feet in 1 hour
  • Ideal for almost any environment including gyms, offices, care homes, hotels, restaurants, dental and GP practices and more

With a cleaning capacity of up to 20,000 cubic feet (560 cubic meters) per hour, Rensair provides the perfect, yet sustainable solution for continuous air cleansing with little maintenance required.

Rensair is independently tested to be 99.97% effective at removing airborne pathogens with its unique patented solution.

Surrounding air is taken in at the top of the device where the pre-filters are less exposed to dust and larger particles. The powerful internal fan drives this air through a cylindrical shaped HEPA13 filter where bacteria, viruses and other airborne pollutants are trapped.

An 18w UVC lamp is continuously illuminated on the entire surface of the HEPA13 filters effectively breaking up the trapped pathogen's DNA and RNA and therefore destroying them. This continuous disinfection of the HEPA13 filter allows for the safe operation and maintenance of the Rensair. A large volume of cleansed air leaves the Rensair through the bottom section of the device. 

The Rensair has been ergonomically designed to work effectively in almost any environment. Standing at just 77cm tall and only 37cm in diameter, the Rensair can easily be wheeled from room to room thanks to the fitted castor wheels. 


Bacteria & Viruses

Rensair destroys more than 99.97% of airborne viruses and bacteria. Eurofins Denmark conducted a test to demonstrate the air cleaning efficiency of the Rensair air purifier.

As a control, an aerosol generator added bacteria and viruses into the air before the air flowed into the air purifier. Prior to being treated by the Rensair air purifier, the air was contaminated with >250 pathogens per m3 of air.

After the treatment, the test results show <1 pathogen per m3 of air. Eurofins concluded that the Rensair air purifier removes airborne viruses and bacteria to undetectable levels.

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