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Portable bladder scanner BVT01

Portable bladder scanner BVT01

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Bladder Scanner is a 3D ultrasound medical device to measure quickly and accurately the bladder volume and post void residual volume.

• 5.7” Color touch LCD , convenient for patient and user operate.

• Easily review 12 frames of scan slices. • Built-in printer can print in real-time.

• USB port support magnanimous data storage and software update.

• Dual – power supply mode, increase mobility, built-in large capacity battery support more than 8 hours of work.

• 2D pre-scan image can clearly show 2D structure of Bladder , effectively guide to get accurate measurement result.

• Built-in 6 kinds of languages (English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Chinese), Support multi-language customized.

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