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Polycarbonate Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet with Code Lock, Heating System and LED Light

Polycarbonate Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet with Code Lock, Heating System and LED Light

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Product Properties

Providing a secure AED storage location for all environments, this cabinet is the first of its type on the market and is supplied with a 10 year limited guarantee as standard. Constructed from a durable polycarbonate and fitted with a removable LED light for ease of use during the darker periods of the day, this cabinet is IP66 rated giving it an exceptional ability to protect the defibrillator within against dust and water ingress whilst remaining fully recyclable. The thermostatically controlled heater built into the cabinet maintains the internal temperature to ensure the defibrillator is stored within its operating temperature range. Fitted with a marine grade keypad lock for additional security.

  • Suitable for all makes of defibrillator:
    • Please compare cabinet and AED dimensions before purchase
  • Dimensions
    • Internal Dimensions (HxWxD) - 400x370x160mm
    • External Dimensions (HxWxD) - 465x435x240mm
  • Fitted with a marine grade stainless steel keypad lock for maximum security
  • High impact resistant polycarbonate construction
  • Available in yellow and green as standard
  • IP66 rated- providing a completely dust and water tight AED cabinet
  • Battery powered, motion sensor LED light for cabinet illumination. Easily detachable for use as a torch
  • Class II double insulated by design so can be installed in telephone boxes
  • Thermostatically controlled mains powered heating system maintains the internal temperature
  • Large viewing window to enable clear sight of the defibrillator status indicator
  • Can be installed at coastal locations
  • Ideal for sports stadiums, town centres and other public access locations
  • UV stabilised and will not degrade in direct sunlight
  • Fully recyclable
  • 10 year limited guarantee
  • Manufactured in the UK

Please note:

  • It is recommended that mains powered heated cabinets are installed by a qualified electrician. In addition to this, we would recommend that these cabinets are opened and aired out on a monthly basis to prevent condensation build up.
  • Not all ambulance services support or advocate the use of lockable cabinets and some do not keep or issue lock codes. Before you order, please check with your local emergency services.


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