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Oxygen Pro Canister with Inhaler Cup - 15 litres of 99.5% Pure Oxygen Cylinder - Patented Compact Compression Tech - Improves Concentration, Performance, Recovery – Perfect for Sport, Study & Travel

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  • ASY TO USE - Oxygen Pro with an inhaler cup, position the cup over your mouth with your finger on the trigger at the top, press the trigger gently to regulate the oxygen flow to suit your needs and breathe.
  • MULTI PURPOSE OXYGEN CYLINDER - Improves concentration when studying and gaming, increases oxygen levels in high altitudes, provides energy when engaged in physical activities and improves air quality.
  • IMPROVES BREATHING - Oxygen Pro is a source of 99.5% Oxygen for those suffering from poor health or working in areas with dust, humidity, poor ventilation, and/or chemicals.
  • PORTABLE, LIGHT AND RECYCLABLE CAN - Our patented compact compression technology means Oxygen Pro cannisters are significantly smaller than our competitors whilst still holding the same amount of Oxygen. Perfect to fit in your gym bags and backpacks for hiking in high altitudes.
  • Vegan, ZERO calories, Made in the UK. ISO Certified Manufacturer