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Oxygen Concentrator 1-7litre

Oxygen Concentrator 1-7litre

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This unit is the upgraded version which produces unlimited pure and clean oxygen in a high concentration. The perfect solution, it can provide up to 7 litres of pure oxygen in a minute similar to the oxygen machines used at a hospital, it is also easy to use, energy efficient and lightweight.

Able to deliver Oxygen up to 48 hours continuously.

  • This unit has high oxygen output in a compact size ( only 1 foot high and 12 pounds)
  • Remote control and a clear HD screen
  • Low energy use
  • Quiet operating system ( only 42 decibels)
  • Eight filtration stages

power cord, nebulizer, nasal oxygen tube, 2 sets filter screen, 2 sets filter cotton, 2 sets fuse, 1 set remote control, 1 cop instruction.


Voltage:AC110 V60Hz/220v 50Hz

Power: 150W

Oxygen concentration: 35%-90%

Oxygen debit: 1-7L/min

Net weight: 5.5kg

Outline size: 305x180x300mm

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