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Otoscope Mini Fiber Optic Medical Diagnostic Examination NHS CE approved NEW

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    • With HL 2.5 V halogen lamps.
    • Fibre-optics for an optimum light beam and transmission of light. In combination with the lamp produce cool examination light similar to daylight, very pleasant for the patient.
    • A removable magnifying lens with 4X fold magnification.
    • Possibility to insert external instruments when the magnifying lens is removed.
    • Screw fitting for secure attachment to handle.
    • Sturdy adjustment ring to turn the instrument head to the ideal position on the handle.
    • Sealed system for performing pneumatic otoscopy.
    • Extremely impact resistant casing made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic
    • A simple exchange of lamp at the base of the instrument head.
    • Including ear specula 2.5 mm to 4 mm.
    • Includes one extra bulb FREE WORTH 7.99 for your long use