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OBS- 50 High Frequency Electrical Coagulator (Alternative to ConMed Hyfrecator 2000) Bronze Package

OBS- 50 High Frequency Electrical Coagulator (Alternative to ConMed Hyfrecator 2000) Bronze Package

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Alternative to ConMed Hyfrecator 2000
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Removing and getting rid of abnormal growths under the top layer of tissue by using procedures such as electrodesiccation, fulguration, or coagulation.

This unit is widely used in many different sectors including plastic surgery, dermatology, ENT, Ophthalmology, somatology, gynaecology, proctology and urology.

The OBS-50 is a market leader across the world due to its ease of use, high security, power on self test, full-range monitoring, remote control and precise output.

  • Power output can be controlled by the easy to use power adjustment button on the electrosurgical hand pencil which can shorten the operation time.
  • With the inbuilt memory function on the device, you can set the required function parameters then power off the unit, next time the unit is powered on, the unit the last set parameter will be displayed.
  • Output power of between 10 and 30 watts or less can be adjusted up and down by 0.1 watt increment, which is suitable for various delicate procedures.
  • Can be used with disposable dispersive electrode

 What's in the box?

  • x1 OBS-50 High Frequency Electric Coagulator Unit
  • x1 Reusable power control electrosurgical pencil
  • x10 Non-Sterile Single Use Short Sharp Tips
  • x10 Non-Sterile Single Use Short Blunt Tips
  • x1 Power cord  
  • x1 Instruction manual 

Multiple Applications to meet your different clinic demands


  • Monopolar output mode without using the dispersive electrode
  • Contact or insert into the tissue with the electrode
  • The unit produces the high frequency current, which runs through the patient via the electrode then returns to the unit through grounding.
  • High frequency current vaporises the liquid inside the tissue cell therefore causes denaturation on the protein


  • Another monopoly output mode without using dispersive electrode
  • Holding the electrode above the lesions rather than contact directly, will release an electric arc to the tissue.
  • Range of action in this mode is limited to the surface where the arc contacts the tissue


  • Suitable for hemostasis and shrinkage of tissue
  • Used in control of hemostasis
  • Suitable for more difficult cutting procedure's for good hemostasis 

Monopolar coagulation

  • Monopolar output mode using the dispersive electrode
  • Under this mode, the high frequency current which is produced from the unit flows through the patient then returns to the unit via dispersive electrode
  • The dispense electrode can draw more high frequency current to the electrode, making the tip of electrode produce a more powerful desiccation to the tissue.

Bipolar Coagulation

  • An Output mode in which the high frequency current circulates between two nearby electrode (bipolar forceps), without using dispersive electrode.
  • In contrast to the effect of monopolar coagulation, since the high frequency current is only circulated separately in the forceps, the bipolar coagulation effect acts only on the tissue surface, causing minimal damage to the tissue.

Standard Accessories (Can be purchased Separately)

  • Single foot switch
  • Reusable power control electrosurgical pencil
  • Reusable dispersive electrode (Patient Plate) & Cable
  • Reusable bipolar forceps & cable
  • Reusable Connecting Cable (for disposable dispersive electrode)
  • Disposable dispersive electrodes
  • Wall mounting Plate

Output Mode 

Monopolar coagulation: (30W, load:1000Ω)

Bipolar coagulation: (30W, load:200Ω)

Technical parameters

Ambient Temperature

 10°C - 40°C

RH Range


atmospheric pressure range


Power supply


operating Frequency

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