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OB3000 Suction Unit

OB3000 Suction Unit

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Product Properties

OB3000 Suction machine with lithium polymer rechargeable battery. Smaller, lighter and more powerful than any other in it's class.

Small, Lightweight And Robust

  • Smallest and lightest suction unit in its class (<2.6kg)
  • Compact resilient design, specifically to overcome the constraints of ambulance and pre-hospital use
  • Crash tested in accordance with IEC60601
  • Integral handle and integrated storage for the shoulder strap, no carry-case is needed
  • Collection cannisters all made from polypropylene, which is superior to polycarbonate: they will last longer, will not go brittle and withstand autoclaving

Powerful Lithium Ion Battery

  • Latest battery technology with high capacity – >60 minutes use on a single charge at full vacuum
  • Battery status is available at all times, even when the unit is switched off.
  • Lightweight, lithium polymer battery can be changed in one-step without tools
  • 3 charging options – Charging lead for in-vehicle charging, mains adapter and a charging wall bracket

High Performance And Intuitive

  • High suction performance – infinitely variable, superior vacuum up to 800mbar and flow up to 33LPM
  • Internal microprocessor monitors and logs system usage, indicating when service is needed
  • Non-toxic, fireproof exterior ergonomically designed to minimise the risk of personal injury

Key Features
Pre connected Jar and liner (including carrying strap)
3 x Spare Serres Liners
12v Vehicle Charger
Yankauer Suction Set

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