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Nonin SpO2 Sensor, Sub-D, Ear Clip, Universal, 1m (Single)

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Nonin has designed an array of PureLight reusable sensors - available for patients of all sizes (adult, pediatric & infant) and clinical presentations.

The 8000 Series of reusable sensors are ideal for short-term monitoring, stress testing and spot checks - any situation where the risk of cross-contamination is low.

A comfortable sensor, each is designed for a specific application and is form-fitted to decrease ambient light interference.

Nonin PureSAT® Oximetry Technology Provides Superior Accuracy in Low Saturation and Dark Skin Pigmentation Patients

Product Highlights  
  • Easy clean with reinforced Kevlar cable
  • Nonin standard durability for rugged environments
  • 3-year warranty (90 days on Ear and Reflectance Sensors)
  • Suitable for spot checks and short term monitoring