Nonin 9560 Onyx II Digital Bluetooth Finger Pulse Oximeter

Nonin 9560 Onyx II Digital Bluetooth Finger Pulse Oximeter

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With the increased need for remote disease management, the Nonin 9560 Onyx II Digital Finger Pulse Oximeter with Bluetooth offers a pulse oximetry monitoring solution that simplifies the exchange of secure information for both the patient and their physician. This revolutionary device allows patients to go about their daily activities and send their blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate readings wirelessly with the help of their smart phone or personal computer.

Key Features of the Nonin 9560 Onyx II Oximeter

  • Transmits data wirelessly through devices such as smart phones or computers

  • Offers accurate, remote readings of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rates

  • Allows clinicians to remotely monitor patients with chronic diseases

  • Memory storage provides a minimum of 20 single point measurements

  • Power saver technology allows up to 600 spot checks on two AAA batteries

Benefits of Using a Wireless Pulse Oximeter

Being able to monitor patients with chronic diseases, such as COPD, CHF or asthma, can lead to dramatic cost savings and, most importantly, reducing the strain put on the over-crowded healthcare facilities. Thanks to its revolutionary technology, the Nonin 9560 Onyx Oximeter ensures the patient's condition is kept under control, without having to burden either them or the physician with setting up an appointment.

Why Bluetooth Technology?

Engineered with Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless Technology, the Onyx II 9560 provides a secure wireless connection for vital information exchange. Bluetooth is the best option, as it is perfect for short and long-range use up to a 100 metre radius, uses low power for longer battery life, a reliable connection and data encryption feature to safeguard patient data.

SmartPoint Technology

SmartPoint technology provides a fast and accurate snapshot of the patient’s SpO2 and pulse rate, and eliminates the guesswork of determining which oximetry values to use for analysis. The SmartPoint algorithm automatically determines when a high quality measurement is ready to be wirelessly transmitted and each measurement includes an indicator of quality.

Power Saving

Unlike traditional Bluetooth devices, the Onyx II 9560 has a new power saving feature that automatically adjusts transmitted power based on distance from the main unit. This unique feature allows for approximately 600 spot checks on two AAA batteries.

Technical Information

  • Oxygen Saturation Display Range: 0 - 100% SpO2

  • Pulse Rate Display Range: 18 - 321 BPM

  • Oxygen Saturation Declared Accuracy Range: 70 - 100% SpO2 ± 2 digits

  • Low Perfusion Oxygen Saturation Declared Accuracy Range: 70 - 100% SpO2 ± 2 digits

  • Pulse Rate Declared Accuracy Range: 20 - 250 BPM ± 3 digits

  • Low Perfusion Pulse Rate Declared Accuracy Range: 40 - 240 ± 3 digits