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Nonin 2500A PalmSAT® Hand Held Pulse Oximeter - With Alarm

Nonin 2500A PalmSAT® Hand Held Pulse Oximeter - With Alarm

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Nonin 2500A PalmSAT® Pulse Oximeter

Alarm Option

The Nonin 2500A handheld pulse oximeter offers unmatched versatility, able to be used in both healthcare and veterinary settings. The pulse oximeter is lightweight and compact, able to ft in your pocket, while being extremly durable.

PalmSAT® - the next generation in handheld pulse oximetry - small yet versatile digital pulse oximeters designed to accurately assess oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The compact size, ease of operation, exceptional battery life and alarm make the PalmSAT® 2500 Series ideal for your portable monitoring needs, regardless of the patients location.

Proven accurate for pulse rates up to 321 beats per minute, the 2500A has a 72 hour memory, which can be transfered simply to a PC for analysis.


  • Trusted Technology - Nonin pulse oximeters use tried and trusted technology to provide reliable results every time
  • 72 hour memory - store up to 72 hours of pulse oximetry data which can be downloaded to a PC to be analysed and recorded
  • Simplicity - Simple two-button operation
  • Compact & Durable - the 2500A is only 213g yet is durable enough to withstand challenging environments
  • Pulse Quality Indicator - tri-colour purfusion indicator shows pulse quality at a glance
  • Long Battery Life - 60 hours continuous use with regular batteries (40 hours with rechargeable)
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