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Nomad VPU2-786

Nomad VPU2-786

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Nomad VPU2-786 offers 57 Litres non powered 50 hours cooling


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Weight (Kg) 15kgs / 30 kgs with PCM
Height (External) 508 mm
Width (External) 508 mm
Length (External) 648 mm
Height (Internal) 388 mm / 336 with PCM
Width (Internal) 388mm / 336 with PCM
Length (Internal) 528 mm / 476 mm with PCM



Description: The Nomad VPU2-786 is a unique cutting edge vacuum/PU insulation Technology, developed and Patented. The VPU2-786 offers the medical and food cold chain industries critical protection and thermal stability over a range of ambient temperatures from +43oC to -25oC. VPU2-786 can hold temperature sensitive products, between +2oC and +8oC for about 50 hours in an ambient temperature of 35oC. Usable Cold Space Capacity/Dimensions: 57 litres/476*336*336 mm Empty Capacity/Internal Dimensions: 158 litres/528*388*388 mm A large range of PCM Refrigerant options are available to meet cold life and holding temperatures required by the Customer. WHEEL SETS OPTIONAL EXTRA


Pink  (+5C)

Green (-18C)

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