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NHS Beverage Trolley- 2 dispensers

NHS Beverage Trolley- 2 dispensers

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To remove boiler – ensure boiler is locked shut and unplug the cable from the underside of work
surface. The plug can be found at the back of the trolley. Carefully lift the boiler out of the surround
housing, whilst feeding the cable cord clear of any obstructions. The boiler can then be cleaned
and de - scaled if required. After rinsing and cleaning thoroughly, feed the plug and cable back
down into the boiler surround, and down through the work surface. The boiler will slide back down
fully into position. Reconnect the plug cable on the underside of work surface, and re-connect
ensuring there are no obstructions. Please ensure the plug is kept dry at all times.
• Ensure all cables and plug are free from any defects before replacing the boiler.
• The stainless steel frame can be cleaned using standard cleaning solutions.
• The work surface can be cleaned using standard cleaning solutions.
• The castors are designed to be wiped clean using standard cleaning solutions.
• The dispensers should be maintained using the recommended IDM service instructions supplied
with them.
• The Panels can be cleaned using standard cleaning solutions.
• The panels can be removed and replaced by simply applying pressure to the reverse side of them
which will make them clip out of the retainers either side of the panel. To replace the panels,
simply insert one side of the panel into a retainer, then flex the panel until it neatly fits into the
opposite retainer. The panel will then flex behind the retainer back into it fully secured position.

(*Pictures for illustration purposes only*)


1. Integral 10 litre boiler
Water level indiucator, boil temperature cut out

2. Manufactured in full Stainless Steel
High specification including castors with brakes fitted

3. Durable work surface
Detergent resistant material

4. Efficient storage
8 x draws

5. Click dispensers

6. Drainage and waste disposal
Discreet and efficient solution

7. Customers bespoke design panels
What ever graphics you want!

8. Attractive design
Very pleasing to the eye

9. Light weight
An important feature to users

10. Tente Castors

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