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Navi- Portable Ultrasound (price on application)

Navi- Portable Ultrasound (price on application)

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The Navi Series supports most applications, including Radiology, Vascular, OB/GYN, Breast Imaging, Paediatrics, MSK, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine,
Vascular Access, Small Parts, Shared Service, Superficial Imaging and much more. Some of the features the Navi Series supports are 2D, Colourflow, PW Doppler, 3D/4D Imaging, CW Capability for Cardiac, with Needle for automatic needle visualization during biopsies on linear transducers, Auto Doppler, IMT, TDI, B-Mode steering, quick Boot up times, custom user presets and much more.


Special-designed probe holder
Real-time detection,
Automatic beam steer,
Intelligent needle shaft and tip enhance
One button height adjustment
Remote control Probe


19-inch Industry Largest Touch Screen
Whole Day Duration Battery
Probe Button
wiNeedle Intelligent Enhance
Probe Disinfection
Electric Height Adjustable
30cm height range

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